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Regulatory & Compliance

Different laws regulate the life of commercial enterprises, charities and individuals alike. Thus, the task to assist our clients navigate the murky waters of regulation becomes a crucial one to the success of their businesses. We realise that the impact of regulatory/compliance slips can be devastating for organisations. We are also mindful of the increasing diversity of business sectors with each facing differing regulatory challenges or needs. Therefore, our approach to regulation is bespoke and never a one-size-fits-all approach.


At NICCOM, our Regulatory and Compliance department keeps an updated checklist of applicable laws and regulations that affect different aspects of the business sectors, as well as keep a tab as they get reviewed/revised. We collaborate with the various regulatory agencies to ensure that our contextual regulatory templates/approaches satisfy their specific thresholds. We also follow the political-economic trend in different jurisdictions in order to foresee what changes may take place in the regulatory environment. The fundamental aim of our approach is to help our clients navigate and avoid any eventual consequences of non-compliance, but in the unfortunate instance that this becomes unattained, our dispute resolution department are well equipped to prevail and deliver the best outcome for the client.


We currently serve as company secretaries on the boards of several companies (some of which are blue chip entities). We also ensure that the company is able to navigate through the applicable laws and regualtions in their industry.


We advise on aviation contracts such as aircraft leases and acquisitions, air accidents, licensing and regulation of airlines, passenger rights and airline liability for losses and breaches during air travels.


We also advise on carriage of goods by sea, arrest and release of vessels, purchase and lease of vessels, cabotage and restrictions applicable thereto, as well as marine commerce. We advise a broad range of clients including ship owners, charterers, insurers, P&I Clubs, among others.


We also advise on railway concessions, purchase and lease of rolling stock, other railway related services and the increasingly viable road transport business sector.


Our tax experts advise on different aspects of taxation for individuals/organisations and governments. With concerted effort at diversifying the Nigerian economy, improving trade and growing businesses, various tax related incentives have been created for businesses to explore. We assist our clients in these and other areas to maximise the advantages in line with our full-service, all-embracing approach to legal service delivery.


Our overarching goal in tax advisory is to create cost effective tax systems for clients. Thus, we assist in setting up efficient tax structures for our individual and corporate clients.


Our dispute resolution department are on hand to assist and deliver effective outcome in contentious tax related disputes.

Dispute Resolution

Our guiding approach to dispute resolution is always to find the best of the various mechanisms that offers the most effective result to our client. This is why we OFTEN commence with the non-confrontational and non-litigious approaches to resolving disputes. We study the background and contextual issues to every dispute and in collaboration with/guidance of the client, adopt the mechanism that will best deliver the desired outcome within a reasonable time.


To this end, we have a dispute resolution team skilled in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms including arbitration, mediation/negotiation, conciliation and early neutral evaluation.


We are also endowed with robust advocacy skills for contentious/litigious cases. We strive to achieve the result that is most effective for the attainment of our clients’ business or personal objectives. This usually requires that we remain alert to react appropriately to developments in the litigation just as we remain flexible to seize opportunities as they develop in the course of litigations.


As our clients remain the centrepiece of our practice, what serves their interest best within the ambits of the law is always our guiding principle. For this reason, we put the core business/personal interests of our Clients at the heart of our dispute resolution strategy. This is to ensure that whatever steps we take will confer long term benefit to the business and/or personal interests of our clients.

Entertainment & Sports

We place high premium on our E&S department.


We advise on the negotiation of agency contracts, recording contracts, profit sharing agreements, royalties, the creation and registration of image rights, sponsorship contracts, endorsement contracts, impacts and enforceability of restraint of trade clauses in sport and entertainment contracts etc.

Labour & Immigration

We advise on a broad range of employment/labour and related issues. We also have remarkable expertise/skills in labour or employment related negotiations. Our knowledge of human resource management helps us to advise our clients in ways that ensure a smooth relationship within their workforce. We assist with cross border employment and ensure that the process is seamless and does not increase lead times in your company’s productivity.

Real Estate

We undertake a wide range of real estate transactions. We advise on areas such as purchase and sale of real property, perfection of titles, mortgages, long leases, joint ventures, sale and lease back arrangements, property development agreements, dredging agreements, real estate tax, outsourcing agreements, construction agreements, law of succession for real property, registration of trusts, among others.


We deliver bespoke service in all property transactions as we are aware that each one comes with a different detail no matter how insignificant.

Corporate Commercial

We have a most creative and innovative commercial team of lawyers. We recognise that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach of doing business, provided that it is within the confines of the law. Hence, we offer bespoke, practical and innovative solutions that will position our clients as leaders of their industries.


Our corporate commercial team advises not just on the legal aspects of businesses but also on business issues such as organisational culture, corporate strategy/governance, strategic human resource management, corporate finance, employment/labour issues among others. This ensures that we align our legal advice to the specific business needs of your company.


We work with start-ups, medium sized enterprises and large corporations. We are able to advise and prepare documentations for mergers, acquisitions, private equity investments, financing, tax, capital market transactions, corporate governance, etcetera. We also render strategic company secretarial services.

Energy & Power

The Energy industry, including power, is ever changing and dynamic. We possess local and global industry knowledge of the energy and power sector(s) being that one of ours has full academic and background knowledge in this sector (with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electric and Power). This offers a rare depth of perspective in studying and understanding trends in different markets/jurisdictions and keep a close eye on innovations that may impact, disrupt or radically alter the direction of the industry sector. We advise on different areas of the sector including power generation and distribution; oil and gas; renewable energy, green energy, as well as the rising effect/impact of International Human Rights Law on this sector among others.


Our works in this area include structuring and conducting due diligence on different Power Purchase transactions, Gas Offtake Agreements, and related transactions. We also advise on the relevant regulatory and financing requirements in this sector as well as the dispute resolution aspect of the industry sector (Litigation, Negotiations, Arbitration, Mediations and other forms of ADR mechanisms).

Intellectual Property

The world is driven by innovations and the value of intellectual property (IP) is rising by the day with inventors seeking more than ever to protect their inventions.


We advise on all aspects of IP ranging from protection, registration and maintenance, enforcement, licensing and exploitation of IP issues/rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights etc).


For litigious/contentious IP related matters, our dispute resolution strategy leverages on the depth of knowledge and understanding of our IP team to deliver the most effective outcome possible on any IP related dispute or matter.


We deliver best-in-class services to banks, private equities, corporate lenders, pension schemes, unit trusts, corporate borrowers, insurance companies as well as other players in this sector. The relationship as well the credibility thus built are then applied in obtaining the best business financing/banking advice and/or deals available for our clients in the other sectors desirous of them.


We advise on different categories of finance including real estate finance, venture capital, bridge financing, project finance, hedge funds, futures trading, asset finance, Islamic finance, corporate finance, mortgage backed securities, capital markets, among others.


We work to help our clients establish and preserve enduring relationships with key players in the financial services sector owing to the sector’s importance. This is why we take special care in dealing with disputes arising in this sector and would almost always work to ensure the amicable and non-contentious settlement of disputes. However, when contention becomes necessary, we are well equipped to deliver best possible outcome for our clients.

Telecommunications & Information Technology

We advise on a broad range of issues in the telecommunications industry. We assist with licenses, renewals, sale/purchase of content, registrations, interconnectivity agreements, co-location agreements, master leases, to mention a few.


We also advise on IT start-ups, software production and sale as well as guide clients on modalities for technology transfers.

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